How to get smooth and shiny hair

Let me tell you a small story about my hair before you start reading my favourite tip to achieve smooth and shiny hair. A year back I was going through some serious hair issues. My hair was really frizzy and used to look life less. I was loosing a lot of hair back then. I searched online to find a solution that works for my hair problems but everything seemed to be too complicated or expensive to follow but after a long exhausting search I finally found a great tip which helped me a lot with my hair problems. It’s a very simple and easy to follow.

Check out the below picture for the items required.
YouNeedI used to mix Almond oil with peppermint oil in the initial days but now I use coconut oil. I am personally a coconut oil addict that’s the reason I use coconut oil instead of Almond oil. In general,  Almond oil is really great for hair. Use whatever works for you. The most important oil for this mixture is peppermint oil.  I bought  my peppermint oil on Nykaa for about Rs 350.

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