REVIEW: THEFACESHOP-Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

THEFACESHOP-Rice Water Bright Cleansing FoamTHEFACESHOP-Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

PRICE: 15$ 

Cleanser plays a crucial role in everyone’s skin care regime and choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is really a difficult task, as there are a lot of options in the market. Lately my skin has become really sensitive and covered with acne. I didn’t know the reason for such a drastic difference in my skin. I was on a vacation in Canada, may be because of my diet and constant traveling what so ever the reason be-it bothered me a lot during my vacation! I decided to change my skin care routine and get products that are really mild with less chemicals. One of my friend in Canada is a crazy fan of Korean skin care products. She kept telling those products are good and doesn’t do any harm to the skin. So I considered her suggestion and went shopping for Korean products to The Face Shop and bought a cleanser, moisturizer and a spot corrector. This review is going to be all about RICE WATER BRIGHT Cleansing Foam. I will post the reviews about the moisturizer  and spot corrector soon.

The key ingredient in this cleanser is rice water as the name says. It is a brightening clenaser not specifically designed for acne but I still got it because I was going for a mild cleanser and not an acne treatment.

Does it help brighten the skin ?

From my experience I didn’t notice any significant brightening because of this but my skin used to get immediate brightening effect for 5 minutes immediately after washing my face.


THEFACESHOP-Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Is it good for sensitive acne prone skin ?

It is definitely good for sensitive skin. It’s a foam cleanser and feels really smooth on skin and lathers well. I didn’t feel my skin tightned or anything which I usually experience with most of the cleansers.

Will it help remove makeup?

No, it can’t! I used to remove my makeup with a makeup remover first and used this to cleanse the left over residue.

Did it help for acne ?

It didn’t enhance my acne neither it helped reduce my acne as well. I didn’t get this cleanser expecting it to reduce my acne anyways I just wanted a clenaser which clenases my face without stripping the natural oils of my skin and won’t make my skin super dry. I got other products for my acne and this cleanser served it’s purpose.

Overall this is an excellent cleanser for sensitive skin. You can get this online at Amazon or THEFACESHOP website.



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