The Body Shop Honeymania and strawberry Lip Balm

The strawberry lip balm gives a soft pinkish tint to the lips and also hydrates the lips. It is one of the best selling product of  Body shop. It smells yummy and you can’t resist licking it. It also gives a nice glossy finish to the lips and moisturize them well.



  • It’s quite moisturizing and makes the lips feel soft and supple.
  • It does not give any tinted color and best for applying at night times.
  • It tastes and smells like honey .


  • It doesn’t absorb into the lips. It just stays on top of the lips like a coat.
  • It comes in a tub packaging which is unhygienic and it goes into the nails.
  • Expensive



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    1. @smita Roy Even i like Bodyshop lipbalms..but just thought the maybelline lipbalms are better than these considering the price.. BUDGET BUDGET 😉

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